June 10, 2019: Return of the Grat(itude)

  1. To not only run my fiancée across the finish line of her first ultra marathon, but also cheer as she claimed second place female finisher for the 50K distance – all as she pumped her right fist clinching a dill pickle wrapped in a slice of deli turkey victoriously into the air.
  2. A friend and former co-worker thoughtful enough to give me a boatload of Legos for my nephew and I to play right before my friend moves far away for a job in a new city. (James, you’re the best!)
  3. That three-and-a-half-hour car ride filled with deep conversations on topics ranging from online gaming to politics and religion without any animosity.
  4. For checking out two new craft brewery locations during the same trip (The Fathead’s Brewery brewpub in Canton, Ohio and The Thirsty Dog Brewing Co. TapHouse in nearby Akron).
  5. For finding Chasing Sunsets, my official local craft beer for the summer of 2019 before summer has even officially begun.
  6. Having an incredible run of listening to and sharing the stories of some pretty amazing people at work. The latest was a much-beloved master chef in Cincinnati reflecting on life a year after his sarcoma diagnosis and treatment.
  7. For another moment while working: Within two minutes of getting out of a work van, a woman from a church destroyed by a tornado in Dayton, Ohio offering me a bottle of water followed by another woman making the same offer seconds later. Humbled. People can be truly inspiring and kind. 
  8. To celebrate my niece turning three!
  9. For finding some great new music to listen to this summer.
  10. I’ve stated it before and will do so again and again and again – remembering most things in life are more about process, progression and effort than “end results.” Glad I’m once again attempting to write daily gratitude lists after a significant gap between this one and the last.


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