Gratitude Overload: May 7, 2019

  1. A ridiculous amount of birthday well-wishes
  2. Longtime friendships made while running
  3. The ability to run four races for a total of 23.5 miles in three days leading up to and including the day I turned 43
  4. Having an inspiring individual and heart transplant recipient cheer me on during one of those races when I needed it most
  5. Enjoying sunshine and patio beers with friends
  6. Hearing my nearly three-year-old niece’s laughter
  7. A new pair of running shoes
  8. Witnessing the awesomeness of Cincinnati’s running community on full display
  9. Cheering on may of those runners chasing their goals and hopefully providing solace for those who came up short pursuing them
  10. Getting back into a regular routine

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