Gratitude is Attitude: April 30, 2019

The Taste of Cincinnati kicked off along Fifth Street, Downtown, Cincinnati Saturday May 26, 2018. Detail shot of Pompilios Tiramisu Cannoli. Photo by Joseph Fuqua II for WCPO

  1. Pre-boiled hard boiled eggs – Sometimes, I just don’t have the time to boil fresh eggs.
  2. Audiobooks – I listened to Meb Keflezighi’s 26 Marathons: What I Learned About Faith, Identity, Running, and Life from My Marathon Career during my morning commute.
  3. My public library system – I was able to check out Meb’s audiobook through the Libby smartphone app with my Kenton County Public Library card (Support your local library!).
  4. Inspiring interviews – I get to hear and share the story of a local man who has trained to run his first marathon after receiving a heart transplant last fall. I’ll share the story here as soon as it hits the air and online.
  5. My own running – The butterflies I’m starting to feel as the Flying Pig Marathon weekend approaches. I’m running a one-mile sprint, 10K, 5K and half-marathon over three days. It’s called the 3-Way Challenge with Extra Cheese.
  6. Another chance – I’ve set a few new personal health and financial goals. I only partially met some of those goals yesterday. I’m grateful for the chance to try to meet them again today.
  7. Smart Planner Pro – Related to those goals, I’m glad I persisted in using the Smart Planner Pro journal that I purchased last week. Using it felt a bit overwhelming at first, but now that I’ve gotten the hang of it, it is really helping me stay on task.
  8. Dressing up – I wore a pair of black dress pants, a blue-and-white checkered button-down shirt and black dress shoes to work. A co-worker said I looked like I lost weight and I feel more confident thanks to what I’m wearing.
  9. Free food – I get to sample a bunch of free desserts as a guest judge for this thing called Best of Taste, which is part of the annual Taste of Cincinnati food festival held each Memorial Day weekend in the Queen City. (Hopefully, I still look slimmer after eating all those sweets 😋)
  10. Morning texts from Tirza – Around 9 a.m. each morning my fianée texts me a positive good morning message. Today’s text, “I hope your day is good! I still love you even though you didn’t get the Justin Timberlake May meme.” I still don’t understand the JT May meme.

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