A Day at the Beach

This photograph has a story that begs to be told.

It is part of a collection of old family photos that I inherited a few years ago.

There’s nothing to indicate when or where this picture was taken.

I don’t recognize the couple. They don’t appear in any of the other faded images in the collection.

They look so in love though, spending a perfect day lounging at some lakefront beach.

I wonder what happened to them after someone captured this perfect moment on film.

Did their love endure? Marry? Have children? Shoulder heartbreak and tragedy together?

Did they ever think back to the day this photo was taken with fondness?

I like to imagine they re-visited the beach years later ā€“ wrinkled and frail ā€“ remembering their younger selves frolicing and laughing on its sandy shore.

I’d like to think they reflected on how their love grew richer and deeper every summer after this photograph was taken.

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