Photo(s): Food and Sunsets

I am still figuring out the parameters and flow for posting photographs taken with my new Canon EOS R6 camera.

My goal, as stated in my last blog post, is to post a photograph a week. Right now, I’m leaning towards that in the literal sense by selecting one shot here versus vomiting every pic into a gallery each week that I slap online.

I want this project to be intentional, which means I am also considering a theme and setting to play with each week. I hope to have that clearly stated in a post soon.

I also hope to select a consistent time and day to make these photo posts.

I figure some of what I want to do will evolve organically. Constructive suggestions are welcome in the comments.

Now on with the show.

This week, I’m breaking a future rule by sharing three photos. Two are essentially the same images of food. The second is a sunset.

I played with color and contrast for all three in Lightroom.


I wish I had thought more about the presentation when I took these photographs of the eggplant and green bean salad I made for lunch Tuesday, but I was hungry when I shot it.

My house’s back mudroom is actually a gorgeous place to stage a midday shoot due to the white walls and natural light that floods the space.

I’m sharing both shots here because I couldn’t decide whether I liked the closer-up or wider-angled photo more.


This photograph was after sunset, about 6:20 p.m. Tuesday at Ault Park in Cincinnati, Ohio.

It will be a while before I come back here to take photographs of a starry sky.

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