Old Dog New Tricks

It would be unfair to say I am not creative in my work. I interview people, compose television scripts, web stories and record voice-over tracks for those stories day-in-and-day-out.

The work takes creative intelligence for sure.

But sometimes, when reporting on some stories, I get an itch to try my hand at something different.

Take this story on a collaborative project between a group of Greater Cincinnati writers and illustrators. They created an anthology-style comic book called “Cincinnati Cabinet of Curiosities,” where artists re-imagine popular and not so famous local urban legends.

What got me wasn’t their ability to draw. I can hardly draw a recognizable stick figure.

It was the fact that some of the folks I interviewed also run a podcast. Looking at our group zoom interview after the story aired on television (see embed below), I thought, “Hey, I could do this too!”

I have the equipment to put a podcast together. I lack the technical knowledge to produce one. It is so frustrating to learn a new skill, but I think it is time this old dog learned a new craft.

So, stay tuned for a poorly edited podcast based on the Zoom interview mentioned above.

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