May 13, 2019: Grateful for Mom

Me cooking breakfast on Mother’s Day
  1. Spending time with my mom on Mother’s Day (I wouldn’t be here without her)
  2. Beers at MadTree brewing and deep conversation with my fianceé
  3. Unexpected invites to run from friends I have not heard from in quite some time
  4. The weekly “How to ADHD” video podcast (Assertive Communication, say what?!)
  5. Organizing help tools (I hate organizing)
  6. Lots. Of. Sleep.
  7. The view from my kitchen window as I sit and type this
  8. Cool, early spring temps that I’ll miss in a couple of weeks
  9. The people who inspired me to write these daily gratitude lists
  10. Not necessarily not caring about certain things, but gaining perspective and in turn, identifying what’s really important while moving forward


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