And it’s time time time that you love

Eight years ago he had just turned two and a half years old.

He will graduate from fifth grade in a couple of months.

He toured the middle school he will attend in August just last week.

A month ago I stayed with him on a Saturday night.

We played video games, ate bad food and watched a movie.

As we got ready for bed he said, “I love you, Bubba.”

I responded, “I love you too. Always will.”

Nine and a half years ago I remember cradling him as he suffered through his first cold.

He let out a miserable whimper and nuzzled his face into the crook of my arm.

I knew at that moment, in the deepest of places, I would love him and help him along his journey in this world for as long as I was able.

Today, I looked at a photo of him as a two-and-a-half-year-old laughing at a goat during a visit to a petting zoo.

I felt that familiar unconditional love well up again as I contemplated the image.

Time may fly but feelings remain steadfast.

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