Running on anger and other things

So, shortly after my run review posted last Sunday (full disclosure: I do schedule many of these) I plotted a course after work, laced up my shoes, and strapped on my Garmin.

After days of small annoyances and disappointments, plus coming from that horrible 20-miler, I needed a release. I was either face planting my head into a wall or finding a healthier way to vent. Nothing is better than nine miles of running for stress or anger. [Well, some things may be, but running is the most constructive.]

For the run, I set up a relatively challenging course of bridges and hills through downtown Cincinnati:

Screen Shot 2013-04-13 at 7.44.17 AM

Beyond the anger, it didn’t hurt the run that it was a beautiful day, people were out, and the Cincinnati Reds won their rubber match against the Washington Nationals. Screen Shot 2013-04-13 at 7.55.14 AM(And yeah, yeah, we could talk about how the Reds haven’t quite performed so well since then, but we won’t because this is my blog. The Reds are my hometown team, and I am a true fan.)

Anyway, my anger helped the soreness of the Friday long run, and all the whining I spewed forth here, sort of melt away. By mile two I hit my stride and just felt good. The run lead me to believe that yes, 90 percent of what is eating at me at the moment is all mental fatigue.

The average pace of my last mile was 8:17. That’s nothing super speedy for a lot of runners, and I used to push sub-eights on a good day, but it was still pretty solid.

And this set the stage for the rest of my run week. I missed my normal Tuesday group run due to covering a work shift for someone else, but made up for it on Wednesday with an alternate group.

Once again it was Yassos (and perhaps this was a true Yasso, compared to last week’s definition. I need a glossary for all of my kitschy running terms), 800 meters up, 400 meters down around a high school track.

With warm up and cool down, the run equaled just over 8 miles total. Because I didn’t keep a clear track of my Yasso laps, the best approximation for my best pace (800M up, 400M down) was a 7:41 pace. Again, not a bad pace in comparison and my legs had enough in them for a relatively quick turn around for my long Friday run, a down week of 14.44 miles that I ran at an 8:50 pace that I pretty much maintained the whole time.

So, perhaps the take away from this week is I should just remain pissed off at something, which really isn’t too difficult to do since I’m easily annoyed by a great many things. Of course, that mentality may make for good runs, but a miserable life. So, I did balance everything with this workout routine on Tuesday (the day I went in work late, which gave me time to go hang out with my 4-year-old nephew for a minute).

Screen Shot 2013-04-13 at 9.24.56 AM

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Project 365: Day 100 Baseball fever

Okay, maybe not a fever, but definitely more interest. After going to opening day and seeing the parade I decided this is the year I care a bit more about baseball, particularly the Reds.

Yes, baseball is slow and a bit antiquated. Yes, it can drag on a bit, and is not as smash mouth or as fast paced as American football, but still, I’m going to try to romance the shit out of the sport this year and enjoy “America’s favorite pastime.”

I may even try to indulge in a little soccer as well. It’s getting crazy around here.