Photo a day 37: Invasive species

Work schedule and life has limited me to taking pictures of those items in my immediate proximity. I’m off Wednesday though, so more playing with place and settings on my camera hopefully. Here area ¬†few pics I took between a 7 mile run with friends and lunch before work today. The cat above is play on shadow and light, emphasis on light. It was a bright day and this was around 1:30 to 2 o’clock.

This invasive species of vines, along with honeysuckle, grow everywhere in my yard. With Valentine’s Day coming up, the shape of this leaf caught my eye. A good reminder to check my calendar and not catch myself out and about with all those romantics. (One day I will share my curse of being dateless on Valentine Day, dating someone before or after this day, but never on this day.)

And finally, more vines, creeping between the wood posts of a gate that keeps my backyard enclosed at my driveway.