Here is a breakdown of the races I’ve run, with times:


Oct. 15, Run for Shelter 5K, Covington, KY

Time: 22:23

• This was my first “real” race I paid and signed up for. It was also an inaugural event to raise money for the Emergency Cold Shelter of Northern Kentucky. Great place. Great confidence builder too since there were only two runners in my age group and I placed first. 🙂

Oct. 23 Cincinnati Half Marathon, Cincinnati, OH:

Time: 1:51:27.9

* This was the big deal for 2010. I started training for it early August after I decided just running for my health was no longer enough and I needed some sort of goal to strive for. Again, another inaugural event. The best part of first time races I discovered was not knowing times and pace. I was very happy with the results, having no idea how I would do since I trained by myself.

Nov. 24 101st Annual Thanksgiving 10K Run/Walk

Time: 48:04

* This was a last-minute register. On the plus side, I ran faster than I thought I was running, and increased my appetite for my mom’s awesome stuffing later in the day. Down side? Cold, cold misty November rain and the sinus infection that followed.


March 5, Food on the Run 10K

Time: 47:05

It rained a lot. I whined a little. And I made a new best friend. Read all about it here.

March 20, Heart Mini Marathon/Heart Half

Time: 1:49:19

I set a PR for mys second half, yet was somehow strangely unsatisfied. You can read all about it here.

May 1, Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon

Time: 4:11:59

I had goal times and high hopes for my first marathon. It didn’t all happen, yet I still found satisfaction in a race well ran despite the stress fractures I incurred while running or in the training before hand. You can read the full race report here.

Nov. 25 102nd Annual Thanksgiving Day 10k run/walk

Time: 48:29

This race marked my “triumphant return to race running. I ran about the same pace I did a year before. Of course a lot happened between the two points. No complaints though. You can read the full race report here.


Races Recap coming soon


Races Recap coming soon


Races Recap coming soon


5 thoughts on “Races

    • Yes, I’m looking forward to see how fast I can actually run this one. Of course, where I live it has rained for a full day, so I may be swimming it in the morning.

  1. Hey Brian! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Looks like we’ll both be racing half marathons on Sunday – good luck! Is the May marathon your first? Finishing your first marathon is the best feeling!

      • You’ll love it – the spectrum of emotions you experience in any marathon and especially your first is truly incredible. And how great that you already have an October marathon in the diary!

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