I am not a sucker for viral Internet challenges. Every once in a while though, I’m asked to participate in something at just the right moment.

I’m a sort of glass half empty kind of guy. I have trouble not seeing the negative or limitations in most situations. Things can always be better. I was told by someone close to me that I knit pick.

During one of these talks someone offered up this silly 100 happy days challenge, or 100 days of happiness challenge (the Internet keeps going back and forth on this hashtag). Besides being a skeptic and nay-sayer, I’m also obstinate and contrary.

“I’ll show you I can be ‘happy’ and I can find something positive 100 days in a row!”


For those wondering, here is a little background on what #100HappyDays is.

I’m documenting those things that make me warm and fuzzy with one photograph a day shared through Instagram. (Writing that makes me a little queasy.)

I’ve kept up on it so far. I’ll try to update this page occasionally.

Feel free to follow daily here.

Day 1 — Eden Park Overlook


Day 2 — WCPO 9 On Your Side, Cincinnati, Ohio (where I work)


Day 3 — Outside of my work. Harvey Lewis is one bad mamba-jamba. He’s a local runner who won the Badwater Ultra Marathon in 2014, a 135 jaunt through California dessert and mountains. Harvey runs three miles to a local school where he teaches social studies each day.


Day 4 — The Purple People Bridge, Newport, Ky. Snapped during a 6 mile run across the bridges spanning the Ohio River.


Day 5 — Over-the-Rhine neighborhood in Cincinnati, Ohio. The City Flea is a monthly craft and artisan event held in the historic Washington Park. This day was part of the neighborhood’s kick off to summer.


Day 6 — Otto’s restaurant in Mainstrasse Village, Covington, Ky. Brunch with my mom.


Day 7 — LA Fitness gym, Crescent Springs, Ky. I swim here 2 to 3 times a week.


Day 8 — Hyde Park Square, Cincinnati, OH. The weather was incredible on this day. 70 degrees, sunny, not a cloud to be seen. I decided to run this very hilly 10 mile route with this neighborhood square at the halfway point.

Day 9 — Empire Buffet. I also need to diet.

Day 10 — I stayed at a campground called Lake Rudolph in a town called Santa Claus, Indiana with my family. No lie. My nephew is on the left and the son of my sister’s boyfriend on the right.

Day 11 — Did I mention that next to Lake Rudolph in the town of Santa Claus, Indiana is a holiday themed amusement park called Holiday World? See why I am so happy?

Day 12 — On my way home from camping I got to see my old college roommate and wish him a happy 40th birthday. I’m getting old.

Day 13 — My favorite mac & cheese dish AND the wienermobile. No more explanation necessary.


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