Run Forest Run

Sometimes the only medicine for my bouts of anxiety and depression is to run.

After slipping on my running shoes and cruising for five to six miles the dark emotions may still be lurking in the background but they have a lot of ground to cover before they catch back up with me and weigh me down again.


What matters most?

As I grow older the question of what I am doing with my time becomes more important to me.

How is my work benefiting or helping others in a true sense of those concepts? What added value am I bringing to the world through what I spend the majority of my time doing?

What of my behavior when I interact with others? Who am I helping? Do I ever commit truly selfless acts? Who am I harming through self-seeking behavior? How am I harming someone via enabling behavior because it is easier to be kind than honest versus creating potential conflict?

There are also the times when I allow the largely inconsequential aspects of work and personal life to cause real harm to things that matter, such as relationships. My ego will get bruised. I will hold feelings in and then they will come out sideways in negative reaction to someone else.

Perhaps I need to find the time to volunteer again. I definitely need to find perspective.

What do you do when faced with similar situations?