Confessions of a Data Nerd

I don’t give a flip about sports even though I live in a city with three professional sports teams and two D1 colleges.

I still find myself sucked into some of the hype that surrounds the Super Bowl each year. There are two reasons for this paradoxical behavior.

  1. Watch parties. I love grazing a good dip, the spread of chicken wings and other bad snacks while drinking beer as I bullshit with friends and wait for the next commercial to critique.
  2. Data. I’m a data nerd and each year Google or some other media outlet finds a great way to visualize data trends surrounding the Super Bowl. Below is Google’s breakdown of what’s trending on the eve-eve of Super Bowl LIV.

I also learned that the search term “Superb Owl” spikes around the big game each year. That made me snort.

I was also surprised to learn that Janet Jackson and her nip incident isn’t the most popular halftime performer searched for via Google.

While I will never turn away a good Buffalo chicken dip, I’m disappointed that Cincinnati’s unique party cuisine, Skyline Chili dip isn’t the most searched for and sought after Super Bowl snack in the Buckeye State.

Any other data nerds out there? I’m tinkering with a few datavisualization projects right now that I plan to share here once finished.


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