What matters most?

As I grow older the question of what I am doing with my time becomes more important to me.

How is my work benefiting or helping others in a true sense of those concepts? What added value am I bringing to the world through what I spend the majority of my time doing?

What of my behavior when I interact with others? Who am I helping? Do I ever commit truly selfless acts? Who am I harming through self-seeking behavior? How am I harming someone via enabling behavior because it is easier to be kind than honest versus creating potential conflict?

There are also the times when I allow the largely inconsequential aspects of work and personal life to cause real harm to things that matter, such as relationships. My ego will get bruised. I will hold feelings in and then they will come out sideways in negative reaction to someone else.

Perhaps I need to find the time to volunteer again. I definitely need to find perspective.

What do you do when faced with similar situations?


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