The Art of the Now

There is this personal irony in this comic that I came across today. Artist James Sturm writes and draws about finding spiritual practice in what he does. I do not consider myself a spiritual person, but understand what Sturm conveys in the cartoon he published on Medium. As the artist sees it, spirituality is the art of connecting and grounding oneself in the world.

I do find writing grounds me in the now versus the far off future or the past (both sources for anxiety and depression). I recommend checking out  Sturm’s “The Tai Chi Lesson That I Can Apply to Almost Anything.”

The reading also reinforced the decision I made to attend a meditation course for beginners next Friday at a nearby Buddhist monastery. Again, I’m not one for spirituality or religion, but I experienced guided meditation in the past. It has the benefit of quieting my overactive mind.

Finally, to clarify a point in my last post: I am training for my 12th marathon.  I have increased intensity beyond anything I have done in the past and feel really engaged this season. Today I also came across a running quote with religious overtones that fits where I am right now as I try to get out of my head and connect with the world. It’s as if the universe where trying to tell me something, if I believed in such things.

Running is like celebrating your SOUL. There is so much it can teach us in life.


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