#100HappyDays photo challenge

I am not a sucker for viral Internet challenges. Every once in a while though, I’m asked to take part in something at just the right moment.

I’m a sort of glass half empty kind of guy. I have trouble not seeing the negative or limitations in most situations. Things can always be better. I was told by someone close to me that I knit pick.

During one of these talks someone offered up this silly 100 happy days challenge, or 100 days of happiness challenge (the Internet keeps going back and forth on this hashtag). Besides being a skeptic and nay-sayer, I’m also obstinate and contrary.

“I’ll show you I can be ‘happy’ and I can find something positive 100 days in a row!”

So, now I’m documenting those things that make me warm and fuzzy with one photograph a day shared through Instagram.  (Writing that makes me a little queasy.)

So, I’ve set up this project page, #100HappyDays, I plan to update with images occasionally.

You can also follow me daily on Instagram.


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