Winter running woes

It was a brutal February for outdoor running.

Well, it was if you are one of those soft Midwestern types not used to real snow or frigid cold temps.

Eight or nine winter records were broken over a couple of weeks.

The Ohio River began to freeze over it stayed cold enough, long enough. We would have needed a couple more weeks of Arctic temps for the thing to actually glaze over. Some people hoped, dreaming of the last time the river froze solid, in 1978.


Then, there was the snow. One accumulating storm on top of another hit the region.

No Boston, but when you aren’t used to it, and every road and sidewalk goes untreated, it is a challenge to get in a long run without falling on your ass at least once.

I gave more than my fair share of the single-finger salute to drivers honking and carrying on as I stuck to shoulders and bike lanes, slowly running against traffic on semi-treated side streets.

With all of this uneven training, and time spent on a treadmill, into early March I’m worried what my May marathon will look like.

The snow is melting, temps are rising, the river is spilling over its banks. Saturday was my first 18-mile run. Mostly free of snow and slush, I realized how hard it was to keep up goal pace.

I am going out-of-town later in the week and will miss five days of running. Ironically, I am going to Colorado to ski and camp in a yurt.

My Flying Pig goal may need to be modified. So is life.

How has your winter training been? Weather an issue where you live? Any beautiful running photos to share?


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