Doing the do nots while running and melting in the heat

A friend recently tagged me in a Facebook post. The post was a link to The Oatmeal’s comic strip, “The DOs and DO NOTs of Running Your First MARATHON.” Ah, how well people know me. And sadly, how true many of these “DOs and DO NOTs are.”

I’ve at least thought every thing on this list, and it took me more than one race to learn the truthiness of the recommendations. (I’m a slow learner AND it is so easy to get taken in by the enthusiasm of the crowd at the beginning of a race.)

How many of these DOs and DO NOTs remind you of some marathon running no-no you’ve done?

Beyond the laughter, my marathon training proceeds. Our summer in Cincinnati has been relatively mild. That has its good and bad points.

GOOD: I’m not dying each and every run.
BAD: The sudden spike in heat and humidity the day of my 16 mile run just about did me. (Also, hot weather can upset my stomach, if you know what I mean.)

The 16 mile route did take me past this:

It was a good reason to stop, click a photo and bring down my heart rate (actually, there were more than a few unplanned stop on the long run, ugh):


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