Reader response, fried chicken and Tinder (not to be confused with chicken tenders)

I’ve tried in a million little ways to come up with a follow-up to my Sunday post. Surprisingly, I received a range of responses to it. A few people close to me, or close to me at certain points in my life, expressed concerns over my well-being. At least one person expressed confusion over what the hell I was writing about in the first place. And some congratulated me and suggested I get up at 3:30 a.m. to write more often.

I liked the last response the best, obviously, but I can’t deny a bit of writer’s remorse for putting myself so completely out there. Making one self vulnerable can be creepy.

I initially wanted to write a response about interpretation and give a little more clarity about what I meant in that post.  I found those people concerned endearing, and I was appreciative, but I don’t believe anything I wrote warranted worry. Over the years I realized I’m kind of content with being discontent, and blogging is sort of like free therapy for me. I am also well aware of my negativity (though honestly, negativity has its own positive aspects, I believe, and that is a whole other post).

Unfortunately, I hit a wall writing what I want on the matter in full. As a matter of fact, at one point when it came to discussing how people perceive the same thing differently, I slid into a whole other tangent involving my five-year-old nephew. I am not quite ready to share that story yet, and it really is a beautiful little story. Perhaps tomorrow.

Instead, I figured I’d share the following updates and simple insights as they relate to that post to keep the writing ball rolling:

  1. The fried chicken and mac-n-cheese at The Eagle OTR were to die for (and cheap!) on Sunday’s date. Go.GR01 Final Logo BW
  2. I wish I could speak in the same glowing terms about the Tinder date.
  3. If you feel judged for eating fried chicken with your hands, your date is probably not fairing well.
  4. Never make a Cincinnati West Sider joke until you know the person you are with is NOT from the west side.
  5. Avoid certain eye contact.
  6. Realize, sometimes its not the date, just a lack of common backgrounds or interest.
  7. Try again. There are many matches to pluck from the random Tinder flame.

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