Black Friday 2013: Turkey, family, Gray Thursdays and fun

My Thanksgiving looked like this: I woke up at 6:30 a.m., dressed in my cold weather running gear, got in my car and drove to downtown Cincinnati. I saw people in turkey and pilgrim costumes. I heard a hilarious political debate between three men with what looked like cooked birds nested on top of their heads.

There are 3 guys standing next me heatedly arguing about gun control, wearing turkey hats before the T-Day race. All seriousness negated.

— Brian Mains (@BrianDMains) November 28, 2013

I ran in the 104th Thanksgiving Day Race. My time was OK. The course changed this year. It seemed more hilly than I remember the last two years. The running created the perfect excuse to over-eat at my parents’ house. My mom’s dressing is the best, hands down. Afterward, I did what so many have criticized this year

aeoI went pre-Black Friday shopping with my mom and sister. The mall was chocked full of teens, as always. The big stores were crowded, but not as crowded as the typical midnight Black Friday crowd according to my mom, who is a veteran at this type of stuff.

I don’t know if I will go out again and do this next year. I do know my family is pretty small. We eat, we watch some TV and we go our separate ways early. It’s not like we don’t do this each week anyway. So, I didn’t feel like I was committing sacrilege while out Thursday. I hope employees working were able to volunteer for shifts, get time with their family, and were well compensated. I did get to laugh pretty hard a few times with my sister and mom. I also sat at Waffle House at 1 a.m. drinking coffee and eating hash browns with my mom. We had a good conversation on the car ride home and I slept in this a.m.

I tweeted a lot while we were out, and saw some fantastic items like this: BaNa82VCEAAtzVW

Honestly, I would have bought the sweater if they had a medium. It just made me smile, standing there in all of its purple and dog glory.

Not bad, for a #GrayThursday shopping experience. My only problem is, I’m not a big shopper and do not enjoy large crowds. So, this experience might not happen again. Or it may, after a year of forgetfulness and seeing people scrambling to gorge on pure consumerism.

My Black Friday proper plans included going to the gym for a mile swim and then to the grocery store to stock up on health food options.

I vowed this before, but starting today I will eat better, get trimmer, and put forward my full effort in January for my spring marathon. Out of the dark there is light, am I right?


4 thoughts on “Black Friday 2013: Turkey, family, Gray Thursdays and fun

  1. I bet the Cincy outlets were packed too. That’s one of my favorite all in one stops on the way to Detroit. I also hit up the Gap Distribution Center in Hebron, KY.

    • Sadly Kelsie, the Gap Distribution Center closed, a very sad day for we Greater Cincinnatians. And the outlets were packed with cars lined up out the exit ramps and onto the interstates. Like I said, I might need another decade break before I try that again. 🙂

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