Indianpolis Monumental Marathon: Group runs, good coach, one week and counting

We ran long, lopsided loops through Friendship Park Tuesday, talking about running into immovable objects, breakfast after our last long run, and how much further we wanted to push ourselves as light rain fell.

The group and coaching this season has been solid. Everyone is just sarcastic enough, and gelled well enough to make the twice weekly meetups memorable. (Well, one for me since I can never make Saturday runs due to work.) Many of us decided to congregate in Indianapolis before the race and try to complete as much of the marathon as we can together.

Though he doesn’t have any obligation to do it, our coach for the season, a guy named Mike, said he plans to run pace close to what he did for us this season. He said if he falls a few minutes over to make sure someone in the group gets their goal, then he will. That’s the kind of coach he is. I’ve always admired people able to subsume personal ambition, or make a sacrifice, so someone else can achieve. Of course, it also means that those in the group must do what they can to stay as close to goal as possible.

Though I’m not one much for competition, even I know you can’t be carried across the finish line.


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