Photos: Ohio River run, Cincinnati

Last Monday I made the effort to get out of bed early and go for a pre-dawn run to avoid some late summer heat. The dawn rewarded me with a spectacular view of the Ohio River shrouded in fog dappled by sunlight. Wearing my iPhone to track pace, I stopped and snapped a couple of shots from the Clay Wade Bailey Bridge that connects Covington, Ky. to Cincinnati, Ohio.

My favorite is the one below:

Barge heading north on the Ohio River.

Barge heading north on the Ohio River.

I shot a few other pictures as well, many of them from the same place, and another from a bridge further up the river I used to cross back into Newport, Ky. after running through Sawyer Point and Yeatman’s Cove parks along Cincinnati’s river bank. Those are below, along with one shot I took from a trail I ran along a smaller tributary, Licking River, in Covington, and another from a privately owned bridge in Newport, Ky.

I’m sure everyone has favorite views and routes where they run. I’d love to see them, or better yet, if I were heading to your town, where might be the most scenic place to run?

Tell me what you think of the photos below:


3 thoughts on “Photos: Ohio River run, Cincinnati

    • Thanks, I always love when I run early in the day. Unfortunately, I also love to sleep as late as possible. 🙂 Any scenic places to run where you live?

      • I live in a beautiful harbour village on the West coast of Scotland, so my runs can be gorgeous- though often wet! 🙂

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