Radiolab listening: What I do when I don’t run

When I’m not lacing up my shoes and going on long runs, I am generally spending most of my time being a geek. I’m a big fan of podcasts. They are a lot easier to digest than finding the time to do things like, you know, sitting down and reading.

Over the years, I’ve learned a lot of stuff from podcasts. There are a ton of entertaining and educational ones out there. Lately, I listened to one that I can’t stop dwelling on. It deals with blood. blood cell

I’m a fainter when it comes to the red stuff, but I still found it completely fascinating to learn more about it. The hour-long podcast was so well done, I thought I might share it, and maybe offer up something other than my musings on health, complaining about the weather, or training.

Did you know that on the open blood bank market your donated blood sells for about $300 a pint? Or that scientists are discovering that something in the blood of young mice actually causes new neurons in the brain to generate faster when that blood is transfused into old mice? Same with many other cells and vital organ? (Could vampirism be legit?)

Anyway, this is why I love Radiolab. Its latest episode was all about blood. The podcast is full of such odd, and sometimes otherwise useless information. You can listen to the episode here:

Of course, the episode doesn’t go into what happens to red blood cells when you run. And stuff does happen.


7 thoughts on “Radiolab listening: What I do when I don’t run

  1. Yep, 5 stars on this one. I love radiolab too but now I have to go look up that specific episode; good for a run, I’m sure:)
    In a side note re: blood – Jehovah’s Witnesses have a problem with transfusions, even to the point of death sometimes, because somehow it is considered ‘consuming blood’, a sure sign of wickedness in their belief system. Just one more thing about blood.
    Thanks again:)

    • Interesting about Jehovah’s Witnesses. And I do make the occasional run while listening to podcasts. Do you have any other favorite podcasts out there?

      • Heya Brian. I sure do! One of the first (Running) podcasts I listened to was Phedippidations with Steve Runner. Marathon Training Academy with Angie and Trevor is also a lot of fun and informative. Others are Philosophize This, Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History or Common Sense and another entertaining non-runner podcast is Dirtbag Diaries. Hope this helps and feel free to share some of yours too:)

  2. LOVE radio lab and I wish I had more time to listen to it. Are you a This American Life fan at all? They’re definitely different, but both wonderful. Would you ever listen to them on runs? I have done that when doing longish treadmill runs (to keep from attempting suicide at the seventh mile on the Dreadmill) and I have a friend who listens to actual audio books on her runs. The whole it’s-sometimes-hard-to-hear-while-running thing keeps me from listening to them on outdoor runs, but maybe an idea to pass part of the long marathon training excursions!

    • This American Life was actually the first radio show I started listening to on podcasts as I worked out/ran. I still do enjoy it. I’ve also added a few other podcasts to the rotation I use while working out. Typically, I enjoy listening to music while I run, but I will listen to the occasional TAL or Radiolab on a long run. I find engaging my brain in other things while running, etc. helps, especially if I am out there training on my own.

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