Summer marathon training: Refueling the tank with a break

Marathon Preparedness

Marathon Preparedness (Photo credit: super-structure)

Over the past month I decided to give myself a little break from running and this blog.

The time off was very much needed. I was experiencing a bit of burn out, I think, after running two marathons and pretty much going non-stop for the past year to year-and-a-half.

I didn’t completely stop working out. I just never broke more than 20 miles in a week. I did embarrass myself a couple of times by trying to run trails with some experienced ultramarathoners. We are talking 8 mile loops that literally kicked my butt. With a combination of terrain and heat I never made it more than six miles before I had to stop and walk run.

I received some pitying nods from the peeps I ran with. At least that is how I interpreted the situation with my sheepish embarrassment.

Beyond that, I started spin classes again on Monday nights and the occasional Thursday evening 1 mile swim.

Of course, all of that changes this week as fall marathon training begins.

I am committed to running a marathon again, albeit without a specific goal pace or need for speed.

Cleveland and Cincinnati marathons sort of taught me to just enjoy the run, avoid the goal. Who knows if I will be happy with that philosophy in October in Indianapolis when I run that marathon, but I know I’m not good at being competitive. That last part is especially true for myself, when I become way too judgy about my performance.

Other than that, no really big runner’s insights or anything like that.

I’ve just enjoyed the free time. I’ve seen a ton of movies (am I the only one who really enjoyed Man of Steel?), went to the pool when the weather allowed, and watched a marathon of movies and tv series on Netflix. I watched Freaks and Geeks in its entirety and can’t believe it took me a decade and a half to get around to actually doing it.

I also bought and played a video game, something I have not done in eons. Ever hear of PS3’s “Last of Us?” Fantastic horror video game. I’d recommend checking it out for those inclined to do so.

Oh, and I saw Bob Dylan, Wilco, and My Morning Jacket. I’ve done a lot in a month and a half time since Cleveland.

English: Bob Dylan performing in Ahoy Rotterda...

English: Bob Dylan performing in Ahoy Rotterdam The Netherlands June 1984 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anyway, I just wanted to write in, say hello, share, and see what my little blogging community of runners have been up to this summer.


2 thoughts on “Summer marathon training: Refueling the tank with a break

    • Ha, well, I tell myself it is a break anyway. That counts for something. Thanks for stopping by. (I should probably do that more often too.)

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