On the eve of the Cleveland Marathon, looking ahead, then far ahead

In a couple of days I hopefully will have completed my sixth marathon. It will be marathon number two in 15 days.

For those who don’t read earlier posts, I ran the Flying Pig Marathon on  May 5, and set a PR on what was supposed to be a practice run for the Rite Aide Cleveland Marathon. This will also be two marathons in one month in one state. If I stick with my plans, it may mean three marathons in Ohio  in one year. I’m considering signing up for Columbus again in the fall. I’ll definitely have my Ohio “Cs” covered – Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Columbus.

On the eve of my Cleveland race, I am nervous. I want to set a good time. I also want to stay injury free.

In between Cincinnati and Cleveland I ran three short road miles the Tuesday after the Pig, a 4.5 mile trail run the day after that, an hour sports massage on May 10, 10 miles of road run on Saturday, and another 4 miles this past Wednesday. I tried to keep them at an easy tempo, though I ran two of the runs with a friend whose idea of easy is 30 seconds faster than my goal pace.

I had no lingering pains after those outings, but I could feel the miles on my legs. This will be pushing myself further than I have ever been intensity-wise in a long while.

And, honestly, I am sort of looking forward to this marathon being over. I want to give my legs a couple of weeks break, at least, and then tinker with my workout routine. I want more trail runs, strength training at the gym, and maybe get my bike tuned up enough for some short 20 mile rides, or rides to work. The bike is a Specialized road/off-road hybrid, so I won’t be doing any racing with it, but I figure it will be a nice change of pace.

The Columbus Dispatch building in 2008, Capito...

The Columbus Dispatch building in 2008, Capitol Square (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Columbus will be a fun run for me, with no particular focus or group goal in the fall. I just need to make it there first.

At the Cleveland expo I hope to buy my first pair of trail shoes.

I’m considering these:

brooks-pure-grit-2_0They are the Brooks Pure Grit 2. The Runner’s World Shoe Finder matched me up with them. I generally feel safe with Brooks. The Ghost series always treated me fairly in the beginning. Of course, never being much of a trail runner, any shoe suggestion for a neutral runner is welcome in the comments.

And I am really looking forward to running more trails this summer. After three outings, I dig the different set of challenges offered by running through the woods. There is also the fact I was told early on that dirt running was easier on the bones.

So, there is that. And here is to a few restless nights of sleep as I prepare for spring marathon part 2.


3 thoughts on “On the eve of the Cleveland Marathon, looking ahead, then far ahead

  1. I had a pair of those Brooks a while back (I guess the first version) and really didn’t like them at all. But then, I tend to like the minimalist stuff.

  2. Right now I’m using NB MT310s. I *lurve* them. They are light. They feel good. They last. The last pair I got was $30! They’re sort of halfway between a regular shoe and a minimal one. I have a pair of NB minimus shoes that I wear a lot, too.

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