Spring marathon recap: Part I – When Pigs Fly

So, the last I wrote, I shared the ludicrous plan to run one marathon as training for another. I also was uneasy about a decision to wear a small camera in a harness strapped to my chest for work for that training marathon.

I am happy to report part one of my ludicrous spring marathon plan is in the bag, and it went better than I expected.

Here is  a picture of myself and my running friend on the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon course:

936854_10151409441253176_1097357836_nThe man next to me, the one in the bright yellow shirt, is the mastermind of most of this two spring marathon plan. And for those who are curious, that is what a GoPro harness looks like on an averaged-pace 37-year-old runner.

For the run itself, the weather was perfect from beginning to end. Temps started in the mid 50s with mostly overcast skies and ended about the same way temp wise with some misting rain to keep overheated bodies cool. I felt great throughout most of the race until I reached mile 21 when I started my run/walk routine, again. I wish I could just pass through the pain, or those last few miles did not have to hurt so bad, but I always seem to burn out a little at that magic distance.

I say all of this to build to this: I ran the “practice marathon” at goal race pace for the 21 miles and still managed to set an over-all personal best after having ran 4 marathons (my third time on the Pig course itself). From miles 21 through 24 I managed to walk 2 minutes and run 8 (losing approximately 20 seconds off of my average pace) before a pace group behind me caught up and welcomed me on as I caught their wind, and then I in turn raced against them for the last 1.5 miles.

If I had maintained my pace with my buddy from mile 21 forward I would have met my goal of running a full marathon under 4 hours. That though isn’t reality. It is also what the Cleveland marathon is for, to achieve an under 4 hour race on a much flatter, and some say faster course. Here is hoping.

And again, I really shouldn’t be too upset if I look at facts dispassionately. I am 2 years older than my first marathon, and 14 pound heavier, when I set my initial best Pig course time. I am also uninjured this time as well. During that first marathon I had no less than four stress fractures in my legs, that caused my right leg to swell and put me in an air cast. Also, with this go round I found the benefit of electrolyte tablets. I took two each hour on the course and never experienced the rippling cramps I have in the past three marathons I ran.

Again, the only thing injured is my ego and the wish of would-have-should-have-could-have.

So Marathon Part 2 is in less than two weeks and the epic hope that I am able to come in under 4 hours at a marathon continues.

Oh, and that GoPro video I was so worried about recording?  I think it turned out pretty spectacularly thanks in large part to the video editors and producers at the news organization I work for:


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