Two marathons, tapers, and a question of crazy or genius

The Madness of The Master

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I am either genius or crazy. A week from Sunday, April 28 I will start one of two marathons I plan to run within a two-week period.

Nothing I read on the Internets suggest this is a good idea, but honestly, I have had very few of those in my life anyway.

The brainchild of a fellow runner, the plan is to use the Flying Pig Marathon on May 5 as my last long training run before my real taper and marathon in Cleveland on May 19.

For all my trepidation, a few more experienced runners think this plan is genius, and will bolster my confidence, if I take the Pig slowly and remind myself on the course that I am to take it easy and not worry about time.

Knowing myself, my predilection to run fast early on and let my ego feed on cheering crowds, this will be a challenge.

And it’s not like I am free from other concerns this training season – pacing, aches, pains, and general whining. In additions to those, I recently went to a sports massage therapist who told me my legs are a mess.

Even though I’m highly skeptical of EVERYTHING, ( I mean it is the guy’s business to in part get repeat business) I did actually believe the guy by the time we were done.

He showed me my left leg was almost a full inch shorter than my right, drawn up after the long 23 mile run I did two days before. This explains my soreness in certain areas, because, well, an uneven gate will probably create havoc on form and my body compensating.

Health At Hand9 - Commercial

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The therapist bruised muscle with a deep tissue massage and pulled some muscles to even things out a bit. I felt better, but now I am obsessed with being a physical freak who can’t walk properly.

To make matters worse, I searched the leg issue on Google. Never search things that bother you on Google. What you find never makes things better. And sometimes you find the following poorly produced YouTube videos:

I doubt Elliot has his Ph.D. in physical therapy, since I kind of think he probably did what I did before he made his video – i.e. a Google search. He can definitely work on his delivery. (Quit looking down at your damn note cards while filming Elliot.)

Still, I feel compelled to say Elliot also has more cojones than I do by posting video of himself. Plus, he could probably kick my ass.

More importantly Elliot sparked another worry about what I cannot control, namely do I have a functional or structural leg issue? My God, I am a neurotic.

Self: Never. Google. ailments.

Up until the massage therapist visit, I was feeling better about my run too.

Did you read what I wrote earlier? I ran 23 miles, by myself, on my long run with only two brief stops to refill water bottles/down Gu while maintaining a steady pace throughout (actually picking up pace at the end for a negative split).

So, confidence up and feeling a little crazy with the two marathon thing, then crushed by possible physical deformity. Blah.

So, one week out and I don’t really know how I will do in either Cincinnati or Cleveland. Will I break through the mile 20 wall? Will I set a new PR? Will I mangle my legs further?

Will my father just shake his head and ask “Why? If you aren’t winning, why?”

Who knows why. I’m just going to spend the next week carb loading my doubts away.


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