Fauja Singh races last competative race, banishes all excuses

Fauja-Singh-oldest-marathon-runnerIf you do not recognize the man above, his name is Fauji Singh and at age 100 he became the oldest person to run a marathon.

Singh did not truly begin to run until he was 89, after he lost his wife and fifth son, according to an article on the BBC. On Sunday, the same article reports, Mr. Singh ran his last professional race, a 10K in Hong Kong.

“From a tragedy has come a lot of success and happiness,” Mr Singh reportedly said in the article before his last race, on why he began to run.

I read this article this afternoon before a short seven miler and was touched. Mr. Singh’s reason for running moved me deeply, reflecting my reverence for the activity of distance running.  Whether or not I will ever meet some lofty goal or run the eight marathons Mr. Singh has since he began, his story truly reminds me of the power of commitment to a difficult goal and the lack of excuses we all really have in striving to achieve them.

As Mr. Singh states, what we do with the time we have, and how we deal with the loss, challenges, successes, and the joy we find in our lives is what matters.

I wish more people understood this, especially those who come up with a myriad of reason to never take that first step out the door and into a commitment that may change them and inspire others as Mr. Singh has.


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