Weekly run review: Whey protein, free range chickens in a bowl, mileage worries, and creatine debates


Chipotle (Photo credit: Patrn)

Okay, so my new weekly recipe a week goal crashed and burned this week. I fell for the sirens call of Chipotle chicken burritos bowls and delicious double-stacked reuben sandwiches at a local eating establishment, therefore, in shame, I did not look at recipes and go to the grocer. I tell myself there will be the next week. And there will be, as I promise as I read a tasty slow-cook lemon chick recipe with pearl onions and red potatoes.

So, what else have I been up to? Well, as an experiment this week, I cut out my Wednesday recovery run after my Tuesday group hill run/sprint repeats for an extra day of spin.

My run schedule this week looks like this:

  • Sunday: Run goal pace at increasing distances (6 miles this past Sunday)
  • Monday: An hour evening spin class.
  • Tuesday: Hill repeats. (total of about 7 miles)
  • Wednesday: Hour spin
  • Thursday: One mile lap pool swim
  • Friday: Long run (13 miles)
  • Saturday: Recovery run (5)

That gives me a total of 31 miles ran for the week. My marathon is May 19th.

I’m a little concerned about mileage, as in, am I running enough? I can say the two-hour long spin classes are no cake walks. My quads are definitely benefiting from the change-up and the rest of my legs aren’t as sore as they usually are when I’m only running. I threw in the swim to try to give myself a more well-rounded workout since I’m not always the biggest fan of lifting.

Whey protein containers

Whey protein containers (Photo credit: Steven Vance)

Also, for kicks, I’ve started drink 8 to 16 ounces of whey protein shakes on mornings I’m not running longer runs, and a shake immediately after those long runs on Friday for recovery. I heard a guy talk about the benefits to metabolism and weight loss when you take 15 to 30 grams of protein within a half-hour of waking up. I also read other documents saying whey protein is easily digestible and great for recovery.

I can say I lost about a pound and a half this week, despite my crap diet, and that I’m not as hungry as I usually am.

Now I am debating adding Creatine to my regiment. I know a guy who added it to his recently and he’s flying up hills for sprint and other short distances. I’ve always felt leery of the stuff, hearing there is usually significant water weight gain, and people saying it can damage muscle fiber. A lot I read though suggest it isn’t harmful. I don’t know what to do on the topic, and have not committed myself to buying any and trying it at this point. It intrigues me though and I would love to hear from someone with an informed opinion on the topic.

Anyway, I’m a little more than two weeks away from my first spring training marker, the Heart Mini Marathon taking place March 17. It’s a fun run, and I’m getting to write about it for where I work. So, that should be interesting.

And I promise, next week, new recipe.


10 thoughts on “Weekly run review: Whey protein, free range chickens in a bowl, mileage worries, and creatine debates

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