After all the cards and candy

859546_10151286098988176_1287639560_oSo, this is the big pay off for not running and being single on Valentine’s Day, an awkwardly posed photo with Marc Maron.

Some people have a set playlist of songs they listen to while running their long runs (12 miles, alone in the cold for me on Friday). I listen to Maron’s WTF podcast that drops onto the internets twice a week (Mondays and Thursdays). Maron’s smart and a great interviewer. I also do that annoying thing of projecting some attachment to him because I think he and I share a lot of neurotic tendencies. Of course, none of that is probably true, but really, I lot of what I read into his show hits me on a much deeper level than just ‘comedy’ as some understand it, or a good q&a session.

I often make people feel awkward, especially when I’m nervous, which is something I’m pretty sure I did here in the brief encounter with Maron I had after the show.

I also obliterated my diet with bad fast food and almost scarfing down a whole bag of marshmallows after I got home from the show. Ugh. So much for eating right and losing weight.

I still love me though.


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