Loving myself this Valentine’s

marcmaronWithout fail I have found myself outside of a committed relationship on Valentine’s Day. There was a time I bummed myself about my luck. No buying a special someone something special to tell them how appreciated they are. No dinner, no romance, just myself. Or a Valentine from my mother, yes my mother. How sad and sweet is that?

I am not sure when, but Valentine’s just became another day. I’d like to believe it would be that way if I were in a relationship. By that I don’t mean “oops, I forgot, I’m a dumb ass type of way” either. I mean it in that every day is special with the person I am with, and I convey it frequently sort of way, no occasion needed.

But anyway, my Valentine’s Day is going to be a little different this year. I am going to do my regular Thursday mentoring gig in the afternoon, then I am taking myself out to dinner, and then I am seeing Marc Maron at Bogart’s in Cincinnati.

Marc is doing his “Out of the Garage” tour. I listen to the man religiously on his WTF podcast and even bought the premium app so I can hear all the past episodes I missed from years past.

No comedian/celebrity/entertainer has impressed me as much as Maron and WTF has. Recent WTF episodes with interviews between Marc and Lucinda Williams, and Marc and Mel Brooks has only cemented that status further.

So, I’m showing my body, my mind, and my spirit some love this Valentine’s Day by giving my legs a day off and my head a reason to be entertained and hopefully fill my spirit with some genuine laughter.

If I feel real special, I might even buy a “Boomer Lives” t-shirt from the merch booth, showing Maron a little love through my cash purchase to boot.


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