Running Recipe Wednesday: Chicken salad

11971258602028370172iammisc_Dinner_Plate_with_Spoon_and_Fork_svg_hiOkay, lesson learned this week. Not every recipe I fix in trying to eat fresher and healthier foods will b successful.

Take this week’s recipe. I love the pre-made chicken salad I sometimes buy at my local grocer, so I thought making my chicken salad from scratch would be an instant classic.

I found the recipe, one that included celery, grapes, fresh parsley, almonds, and cooked chicken. Yum, right? After the process of making it and one sandwich though . . . not so much.

Okay, the base ingredient of the recipe, the thing that holds it all together is mayonnaise. Dumping what amounted to a third of a jar of the fatty condiment into the dish with the other ingredients almost made me barf.

Don’t get me wrong, I like  a little mayo on my burger, and am a fan of salad dressing like ranch and Caesar that are of the same fatty variety of taste good topping, but seeing all that creamy mayo in one place, and mixing it made me ill. The calorie count has to be killer in this recipe, I thought.

Then there was the salt, yes salt. I paused when I saw the recipe called for a teaspoon of salt for flavor, but trusted the chef who posted the recipe online.

After all the preparation and chilling, that first sandwich bite was unbearable. The mix of mayo and sodium had me promising to never eat this recipe again, and perhaps swearing off chicken salad forever.

Glowing endorsement? Well, here is the recipe below. Tell me what you think, or what I did wrong. Can chicken salad be redeemed?

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 9.37.07 PM


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