My spring running schedule so far

My spring race schedule is coming together quite nicely. I’ve planned two half-marathons, with a possible third, and then my spring marathon May 19th.

The full is a little later in the season than usual, because basically I decided to give the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon a break this year after running it the past two. And a friend picked the spring marathon. (The course being flat was one of the main credentials for the choice.)

Being a man still not quite branching out too far from home, here are the local races I have planned:

?????March 17: A Cincinnati tradition for a good cause, and a good gauge of where I am fitness-wise in my spring training, the Heart Mini is a downtown city celebration of health and fund-raising for the American Heart Association. I’m sure there are many similar events to this one for the AHA across the country. Race distances very from a 5K to 9 miler to half. I’ve run the last (a recent addition actually to the full race offerings) for the past two years and its hills are no joke, but I’ve always had fun.

490x275-run-bluegrassMarch 30: I’m traveling a whole hour away for this one. Lexington, Ky. is beautiful horse country and should make for great scenery for another half-marathon. I hear the last few miles are nothing but hills, so the challenge of running a course I’ve never seen should prove interesting. And I’ll be there with friends as well. We’ve rented rooms to head down the night before and are grabbing something to eat after.

Screen shot 2013-02-07 at 10.51.16 PMMay 19: As stated earlier, I’m running this one because I want to do something other than the Flying Pig and a friend suggested we do it together with the hopes of achieving personal PRs. I’m a bit nervous. Reviews suggest the course can be boring, it is flat, and well, it’s Cleveland. The river might catch fire. That last part is a joke. I can’t say I ever have actually visited Cleveland. I am sure it is nice. Drew Carey based a show out of there.

The one maybe race on my list is the Pig half. I’ll have enough friends running the race that it would be nice to do the half and then see my friends to the finish. So, we’ll see. Funniest part is, since I work weekends, I will actually spend most of vacation running. Committed or insane?

Any way, what are some of the best spring marathons and halves in your experience?


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