Running recipe Wednesday: Black bean burritos

11971258602028370172iammisc_Dinner_Plate_with_Spoon_and_Fork_svg_hiSometimes simple is divine.

After reading up on the benefits of black beans in Runner’s World, I decided to go on a search for a recipe I could make to incorporate the wonder bean into a quick post hard run recovery meal. In turn, I found one of my favorite easy to make meals that I don’t think I’m tiring of for a long time.

blackbeanburritoThe mean is so easy I can tell it to you off the top of my head. Ingredients include one 15 oz. can of black beans, one tablespoon cumin, one table-spoon chili powder, and one cup of your favorite salsa. In my case, I used a green verde style brand from my local supermarket. You’ll also want some tortilla shells and whatever toppings you’d like to add (I went with a pinch of cheese and more of my favorite salsa).

All you have to do is combine your beans, cumin, salsa, and powder into a large pan, turn up the heat to medium high and softly mash and turn the bean concoction for about 10 minutes. I was truly happy with the end product. Very flavorful and filling.

And I got all the benefits of those beans that provided “30 percent of the DV for protein, almost 60 percent of the DV for fiber (much of it as the cholesterol-lowering soluble type), and 60 percent of the DV for folate, a B vitamin that plays a key role in heart health and circulation,” according to RW.


I could almost stop seeking new recipes now, but that wouldn’t really be fair. Surely there are even more awesome food discoveries to be had.

What’s your favorite post run, recovery meal?


5 thoughts on “Running recipe Wednesday: Black bean burritos

    • No problem. I really never thought much about black beans until this recipe either. Good stuff, and easy. Hope the running is going well and you all do as well as can be expected with the blizzard.

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