Perspective: How far you’ve come versus how far you still have to go

I bundled up and went on my long run on Friday. When I started it was about 14 degrees outside. I don’t even know the windchill. Just to get myself going I stopped by the running store, not a far stretch since it was at the beginning of my route, where I purchased my first pair of wool socks. Yes, I actually bribed myself to run.

The new socks were expensive, but comfortable. My toes did not grow numb as I began my run, the first part of which was flat and then very uphill. As I neared the summit of the first part of my run, I stopped at a bridge over the interstate far below and shot this image:

20130201-211430.jpgSee the city buildings off on the horizon? That is where I began my run. It is so rare that I have a route where I can literally look back and see how far I journeyed.

I knew what was ahead of me was mostly downhill after making it to this point. It felt great looking ahead, unlike the two times I ran the Flying Pig Marathon. There is a descent in the course where you can see the city six miles ahead. I hurt and hit a wall and just wanted to give up when I saw how far away the city and finish line looked the first time. The second time I was told to keep my eyes down, look at my feet, and ignore that distance.

It is funny, circumstance and perspective. Today, I paused and marveled at just how far I ran. I remembered some of the awesome sights and perspective my running routes often afford me.

What is your favorite run-route/vantage point? Have a photo to share?


One thought on “Perspective: How far you’ve come versus how far you still have to go

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