Eating my way to fitness?


Okay, maybe that question was a bit facetious. If I could actually eat my way to fitness I would stop running (or at least seriously consider it).

Week two of my plan to cook from scratch and avoid the take out comes from again. Do you think they’d pay me just to promote what is on their iPhone app?

Anyway . . .


This week’s recipe is vegetarian, which is strange for me. I never have had any real interest in cutting meat from my diet. A vegetarian lifestyle seems too disciplined and difficult for my rather impulsive eating habits. Guaco Tacos may have changed my mind.

This recipe’s main ingredient of homemade guacamole was right up my alley. Topped with fresh salsa, and kidney beans as a good source of protein, I probably overindulged, thus negating the health benefits (guess now I can understand why some vegetarians can still be overweight).

As an added bonus, the only “cooking” involved warming up the wheat tortilla shells. Everything else was fresh produce (okay not the canned whole tomatoes or beans) chopped, mashed, or put into a food processor.

Fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes was all the time it took to make these delicious green, all veggie concoctions that made about six 455 calorie servings.

Do you think there is a market for a straight male version of Paula Dean?

Guaco Tacos


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