Getting race ready, the recipes


On Friday I wrote about my weight, on how I am finding it increasingly difficult to maintain, much less lose poundage.

Well, if running has taught me one thing it’s this; you never get anywhere if you don’t take the first step. So, this week I committed to the idea of fixing one healthy meal from scratch. Let me state for the record that I am no chef.

If there are too many ingredients in the kitchen at once I become frustrated and overwhelmed (so goes my life as well).

Luckily there is a growing number of places online to shop for healthy, simple recipes. For my first week’s meal I used the Allrecipes spinner app on my iPhone. The app let me select  the course I wanted to prepare, main ingredient, and prep time. Ingredients were then put into a separate app list I could use at the grocery store.

pasta2I’ll admit, even the simple chicken and broccoli pasta recipe I selected was almost too much, but I managed to boil water and cut up ingredients at the same time without losing it. The results weren’t too bad either and even better as leftovers (which there were plenty since the recipe made about eight 350 calorie servings).

The one thing I wish I had done differently was read the reviews on Allrecipes. Even with high reviews many cooks said they modified the recipe by adding chicken broth, more garlic, or other seasoning to spice things up a bit. Without a little extra dash of salt and pepper the pasta concoction did taste a little too bland (and yes, I’m also a french fried, cheeseburger guy, so that doesn’t help my taste buds personal preferences any).

I’m posting the recipe below. I’d recommend it. I plan to keep on posting a recipe I try each week, at the very least to make myself accountable to my goal, if not a better cook.

If you have a good nutrition plan or recipe, please share with me in the comments. I can use all the help I can get.

Chicken and Broccoli Pasta

*For more recipes like this one visit


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