Writing and running and photography and stuff

Man-oh-man. How to begin?

I broke every cardinal rule of blogging.

I have not written anything in what feels like a few weeks. I slacked off on posting photos consistently even though I took photos in that time. Words and post ideas percolated in my brain. As a writer I’ve just struggled to put a finger on the pulse of a thought I want to express it.

But that changes today (insert false bravado and promise). I’m posting something.

The easiest thing to do first would be to post images I shot with my iPhone:

Interior of Union Terminal

Interior of Union Terminal

Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal

Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal

For those feeling a vague sense of familiarity, yes, Cincinnati’s Union Terminal was the model for the following:

hall-of-justiceSo, now that I presented images of holiday cheer and a bit of trivia, I guess I’m ready to write a post on running, life, and other things.


Perhaps the biggest news, at least for myself, is that I landed a new job I begin, fittingly enough, on New Year’s Eve. For over eight years I worked for Gannett Inc. as a reporter, then community editor, and most recently online producer.

In that time I matured, grew, and learned a lot of stuff. There is nothing but goodwill toward the company. I just felt I wanted to challenge myself with something different and began to explore. A local television station, owned by EW Scripps, a national media company headquartered in Cincinnati, offered me the job of web editor for their website. The position will blend all my prior experience and offer me a few other tasks to master as well. I am both excited for the opportunity and slightly sad to say goodbye to friends I’ve made where I currently work.

Since this blog has been a strange mix of the hobbyist in me and the personal, I held off writing because I didn’t want to blab anything about the changes until the details were settled. Life changes for me are also somewhat stressful times where I find it good to be quiet and meditative anyway.


Then there is the running. I don’t know if it is the weather, distraction of other things, or no solid marathon training plan at the moment, but my running has hit the skids. I’m averaging 10 to 16 miles a week, on a treadmill. I can’t muster the will to do outdoor runs or running more than six miles at a time. At best I am supplementing my lack of running with a mile of swimming once or twice a week.

Still, I’ve put on a little weight and this worries me. I’m 36. Losing weight is becoming harder, not easier, and cycles of weight lose and gain punctuated most of my life. Holiday eating, of course, make this concern worse. So, hopefully I come up with a game plan soon. Of course, any good vibes willed my way are welcome. And of course I might just be way too neurotic about this. Have I ever mentioned my neurotic nature? No? Yeah? Yeah.

Other things

The basic theme now seems to be just beginning by getting off my ass and doing.

In the midst of all of this I want to start a regular Q&A segment with a couple of local Cincinnati runners — like with the uber-woman who runs and places high up in ultra-marathons, or the one who is incredibly fast and training for her second Iron Man, or the guy who ran his 100th marathon this past fall. I don’t get a lot of comments on here, but would anyone even be interested in that? I’d also, secretly, like to start podcasting since I’ve obsessively been listening to a few of those (WTF, Keith and the Girl, The Partially Examined Life, 99% Invisible). That feels like a way out there type of goal at the moment, and I’m thinking I might want to keep it a little more real.

Then again, as with running, I guess I’ll never find out if I don’t get out there and try.

If you made it this far, if you celebrate the holidays in any way, happy days and thanks for reading this rambling post.


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