A promise broken

I started this year with the goal to post a photo a day here. I made it nearly a third of the way through taking pictures daily with my Cannon SLR. Then the rest of my life got in the way.

My number one passion, running, increasingly limited my time as the spring marathon training schedule picked up. In March I found myself committing more and more time to my job as staffing shrunk from three people who I shared my shift with down to just myself and one other guy. Because of this I stayed later there, slept later in the morning, and found less time to get out and take pictures before going back to work.

I said I’d post some sporadically. I did. I loved some of my photos, especially those I took when I had the verve to get up early and get out and take pictures in the morning.

The photo below is still is one of my favorites (It’s hard not to love something you do creatively, no matter the quality of the work).

The John Roebling Bridge spanning the Ohio River into Cincinnati.

The John Roebling Bridge spanning the Ohio River into Cincinnati.

I took this right as the sun rose in the east on my way into work on a Saturday morning in January.

The photo also reminds me that I loath a challenge unmet.

So, I plan to find some variation of this project to do in 2013. Perhaps I’ll try to meet the ambitious goal of a photo a day again, or modify it to better fit my schedule so I do not set myself up for failure as I attempt to balance multiple activities. (I plan yet again to train and run the Flying Pig Marathon, this time with a better time and other goals I will discuss as January approaches).

There will also be more to write about here. I want to get serious about structuring how this blog works. So, expect to see some new repeating features, some stops and starts, a few dumb ideas, and some feeling my way out as I move forward.

There are also a couple of other exciting things I plan to share once I have a few details nailed down, os stay tuned.

Life is happening in 2013. Lots of it and I can not wait to hit the ground running.


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