My life in absentia of my blogging

What a month. It is almost December and I wrote one post since November 3 and it didn’t even appear here.

Instead, it was on Runners High, the work related blog I’m supposed to be populating with running topics and it actually had very little to do with running. If you click the link though you will read about some of what I’ve been up to in great detail. The short of it is this, I went to New Jersey post Hurricane Sandy on a work related assignment from Nov. 6 through Nov. 13th.

My whole schedule has been discombobulated since then. I ate too much while away and did no running in that time. Before that and post Columbus marathon, I was crushing it with running, swimming, and a new strength training routine. I lost a couple of pounds I easily gained back. I am struggling to get back into that routine. Like any good long distance runner I’m freaking out a bit. Other events keep getting in the way.

For example, today (Monday, Nov. 26) I went to run six miles in my neighborhood and came across this:

I might work behind a desk online all day creating and posting content, but I still feel I’m a journalist, so I had to stop mid-run and take this shot and call in what details I had. (fire officials ruled the house fire suspicious) After emailing pics, etc. I was crunched for time, so I cut the run short and went home so I could keep a Monday commitment (my day off) of mentoring a teen in foster care.

Of course forcing myself out in the cold weather after running all summer isn’t easy either. I keep telling myself treadmill running will do. It won’t. I run too slow on the hamster wheel. I don’t challenge myself enough when setting pace on the machine compared to street running.

This was proven Thanksgiving Day when I ran in the local Turkey Trot. I ditched the Garmin. This is what I posted on Facebook after the race:

Not my best 10k but better than what I thought I did while running. I think this is proof I need to run more often without the Garmin — let how I feel determine my pace, especially on shorter runs, and not play mental games with my watch.

Yeah, I ran about 14 seconds slower on pace than last year, but I weigh about 10 pounds more this year, and about 6,000 more runners were at the race this year, creating a horrible start for us all.


So, on Wednesday, I’ve recruited a friend to run with me for about six miles, downtown, and over some bridges. It’s time to bring out the big guns and get back on the road.

I’m also hoping to at least stop the weight gain, but the holiday food at work and home might not make that part too easy.


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