Tapering emotions

I don’t know if it is because I am in taper mode, or if I am experience a mood swing due to a change in the weather, but I have been blue lately. Hence, my lack of posting on my marathon training progress or much else.

A coach once told me that a touch of depression is quite real at the end of a marathon training regiment. Goals are met. The high rush of endorphins from long runs are gone. Tapering, and then the completion of a race leaves a time void. I am also most definitely not a fall/winter person.

I do not cope well with lack of sunlight and cooler temps. I need long days and warmth to truly feel in my space. Luckily spring marathon training is a saving grace.

There are other contributing factors as well. After a year in a new position I am not a big fan of my current work hours (4 p.m. to 1 a.m. Wed through Sun.) or my perpetual relationship status, single.

Again, I do think the “taper” has only compounded these other issues I have. Even after coming back from a nice little weekend respite with my family I can already feel the dark emotions creeping back into my psyche.

There is the race ahead though, and hopefully some time for much-needed goal planning to help me move forward out of this funk (and writing too, which I have always found very therapeutic).


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