. . . the forest for the trees

Letter cases

Letter cases (Photo credit: Travel Aficionado)

Isn’t it amazing how there are times we get so wrapped up in our own little worlds we

forget to see the bigger picture?

I work in language. I would say words, but that isn’t always the case. For example, isn’t a “word” or “sentence” per say, but it is part of the language of the Internet. As such, I am sensitive to the rules of the language in which I work. The repercussion of working in the language I often operate are severe and absolute. Basically, the function of the language simply does not work, or it totally blows up the world in which it operates.

I only bring this up as an example because someone confused style in the English language, consistently using a capital ‘C’ in .Com while referring to an online product, for function. They wanted the C lowercased, neither realizing that having a consistent house style was completely okay, nor the fact that it would take writing a lot more hidden language to put that little ‘C’ on the site than would be worth the effort.

See? Forest for the trees.

The encounter reminded me that sometimes the true beauty, complexity, or appreciation for the way something simply exists is missed because we get so caught up in some codified way of thinking.

I do it with running routines or plans. I sometimes am so worried about logging the appropriate distance I forget to appreciate all the muscle and sinew that goes into the activity and just enjoy the run and the feel.

You get the idea.

I just need to take the time to slow down and enjoy the forest in my life. I have been way too focused on the little ‘C’s in my life lately.


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