Change of the season

Leaves in fall

The weather is turning from days of oppressive heat and sunshine to cool afternoon breezes with open house windows and crispness at night that requires an extra blanket.

A friend mentioned that the transition from summer to fall, more than any other time of the year propels change in her life. The sentiment rang true for me too.

I recently packed away some accumulated clutter and keepsakes into boxes and hauled them into the basement.

I typically find comfort in the clutter of familiar items — end tables my father made while he was in high school in the 1960s, my grandfather’s collection of World Series memorabilia in a  glass case, and old magazines and pop culture nick-knacks strewn around that  I collected over the years.

My dining room and living room now seem sparse. I sit in them finding comfort in the change.

Running routes changed as well. No longer satisfied with the typical downtown routes I plot out for my six and eight mile runs I’m mapping out various parks I want to go to. On Thursday for example I decided to drive out to a municipal airport with this large looping running and bike path that defines its perimeter.

Perhaps the biggest change I am proceeding with this fall is the prospect of going back to school, at least for a few classes as I continue to work. If the timing of things work out well enough I will be taking courses for a graduate certificate in Marketing from the city college near where I live beginning in October. And if I like the classes well enough I can roll the credit hours into a Master’s degree. Perhaps I will be successful this time in obtaining a graduate degree, unlike the last time a decade when I simple walked away from it because life was happening and I was a bit lost. Who knows?

Ultimately this fall-like weather reminds me that deep down I am a discontented man by nature. The thread for need of constant change and striving, and the dissatisfaction in sitting still weaves its way through most of my life — be it in my home, my running, or my career.


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