Paging Doctor Google, a down day, runner’s anxiety

I woke up this morning wanting to run. Instead I ate breakfast; two sunny side up eggs, four pieces of bacon, two cups of coffee sweetened with Truvia, and a Thomas wheat English muffin with a bit of butter.

My running program is gearing up toward the gear down. Saturday is the first of two group 20 mile runs. The first is relatively flat and should be easy. The second in two weeks will be more of a challenge and then there is the taper. My marathon is Oct. 21 and I am a bit nervous about it.

I put my slippers on instead of my running shoes for one simple reason. After running a pretty quick speed training session of 3 minutes up/2 minutes down for six miles on Tuesday, I woke up Wednesday to tenderness below the front of my left knee cap. It wasn’t the good kind of pain. It was the it hurts to bend your leg and walk up the steps type of pain.

I still ran the planned six miles with a brace on my knee, though a little more slowly and with some discomfort.

I came home, fixed lunch, iced the knee repeatedly, and self diagnosed. Google Ph.d. diagnosed my problem as patellar tendinitis. Basically, I overworked the muscles in my shin and strained the tendons that attach to the lower part of my knee.

Every time I experience some sort of pain and self diagnose the cure is always the same, ice, a bit of rest, and more strength training.

I ended up wearing the brace for the rest of the day under my pants at work. There was still discomfort throughout most of the evening and decided then to sit out my seven mile run on Thursday. My knee feels better, a little sore, but nothing like yesterday and that is the rub.

My rational side says a couple of days of rest isn’t a bad thing. Let the soreness go down some, run the 20 and you’ll still be close to your 40 miles for the week. The runner side though, that obsessive bit, feels gross and like the kid at home afraid he might be missing out on something because he didn’t go to the party.

If I choose not to run on Friday, well, the least I can do is swim.


3 thoughts on “Paging Doctor Google, a down day, runner’s anxiety

    • I know you are right, but doing the right thing isn’t easy, especially when you are looking for some stress relief. I’m going to gauge how I feel on Friday and go from there.

      • The best thing I ever did was get a mountain bike. Now, when I hurt something and can’t run, I can hop on the bike and get some real exercise. I don’t get as sweaty, but I can certainly feel it when lug my ass up a 500′ vertical gain.

        FWIW, I went on my first run in two weeks today. This has been a sucky summer of injury on my end.

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