Photo Frenzy Friday


This batch of Friday photos mark a sort of ode to the end of summer. I know officially there are weeks left, but the routine of back to school for my nephew begins shortly, those first few hints of fall are starting, and the constant sun bathing and pool swimming have run its course.

Honestly, I could live in forever summer. Well, maybe with milder mornings for running.

Here are some pics from what may be the last family camping trip of the summer.

A camping constant, my father by a body of water “fishing.”

Okay, we were at a KOA campground. For the uninitiated the KOA is sort of the Motel 6 of camping. No real roughing it here. That said, this one did have a decent nature trail near a river. So, bonus points for that.

A few nice wild flowers.

More flowers along the river.

The best part of the trail by far. The cave was nothing more than a sandstone outcrop worn away by eons of erosion, but I built up this whole myth about a baby bear living there for my nephew who currently has a bear obsession after seeing Brave earlier this summer. In one of those steal your heart moments while walking the trail he yelled out, “Wake up baby bear! Wake up!” out into the wood.

Back at the campground there was this giant bouncy air pillow. It was hilarious watching my nephew try to bounce as high as me only to fall. He discovered if he just stayed down my bouncing would launch his whole body sky high.








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