Random photos 7.20 through 8.04

So, my photography has really fallen off, like a straight downward slope into nothing. Haters will say Instragram isn’t a legitimate form of picture taking, and I’d agree. But I have never been a “real” photographer either.

Over the past few weeks I tried to take a few shots here and there. Below is what I have to share, along with a little context for each group of photos.



The above photos were taken at this little river front restaurant. Okay, it’s called a yacht club, though I doubt there are ever any “yachts” docked there. It’s more like a floating barge with metal plates welded together for a party deck and place took cook steaks on “Monday steak nights” during the summer months.

Kind of kitsch, but oddly satisfying.



I included this picture of the overlook I posted in my last entry, plus a self portrait I took melting under the summer sun. Nice nostrils, right?


This photo is simply my view as I leave work each night.


What picture of summer festivities wouldn’t be complete without summer construction and orange barrels. Oh the barrels. They make any trip interesting.


And finally this snap shot of my nephew, three-years-old and obsessed with trains. Here we ride the Apple Express at an outdoor mall.


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