Run review

This was one of the rewards from a run last week. After doing a very arduous hill run the week before up to this point, a popular lookout inside a hilltop park with a gorgeous view of Cincinnati, Ohio, I decided to revisit the park and explore its trails. To me one of the best things, besides the camaraderie, about running with a group is discovering places, or being reminded of some of the spectacular outdoor locations around you.

I ended up doing a looping 4 miles here before stopping to snap the photo with my iPhone on Thursday. The day was blazing hot and I sweat buckets throughout the run. The extra amount of exertion training in the summer, um, wow.

Fridays are recovery days in my current training schedule, so I spent my exercise time that day in the gym’s pool, my second favorite form of exercise. Though I find it very mind numbing running for forty minutes on a treadmill I can easily spend an hour going back and forth swimming laps.  Maybe the difference is there is some moving, compared to chasing a point you never reach while running on a treadmill?

On Saturday I initially experienced a bit of disappointment when I woke up to find I had set the time on my alarm but did not turn it on. In seven months I have not missed a group run, and that is impressive considering the fact that I usually work until 1 a.m. on Friday and the group meets at 7 a.m.

Another runner missed the Saturday session as well though and texted me to see if I would be interested in a long run with him. He’s on track to run a marathon in September. He wanted to get in 20 miles. My immediate thought was There is no freaking way I’m in shape enough to run twenty miles.

We ran by our local running store, I purchased and filled one of those Batman water bottle utility belts and we were off.

I told him, and myself, that I might turn around at any point. The route was a simple out and back. The further we went though, the more confident I became. Ultimately I found myself with a negative split. Impressed the hell out of me, enough so that the disappointment and a bit of rotten emotion faded before I went into work for the rest of the weekend.

And after the run, on Monday, I did a nice little 4 miler to losen up and then speed work Tuesday night where I ran at a pretty decent clip with no pain or worries coming from my legs.

Here is hoping for a sub-4 hour October marathon.


6 thoughts on “Run review

  1. Beautiful photo and what a fantastic run in Covington, KY! I used to run this hill to Drees Pavilion/Devue Park weekly (it constituted our once-a-week “hill run”) with the USMC Officer Selection Office for Cincinnati. This hill contributed tremendously to my performance at USMC Officer Candidates School this summer. Thanks for sharing your story! I hope this hill will be revisited many times by running enthusiasts like yourself!

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