Why hello there

Chilling at the pool, waiting for the adult swim to be over.

It has been a while.

I started two posts over the past two weeks in an attempt to explain my lack of pictures or postings, but did not publish them because, well, they just sounded lame.

Part of the reason for my absence here can be summed up in the photo above. As the George Gerswhin tune goes, it is summer time and the living is easy. Days off involve lounging next to the pool as much as I can before cool(er) evening runs and in between trips to the gym. The lounging is typically done with my three-year-old nephew since my days off are Monday and Tuesday and his mommy works a normal 9-5 Monday through Friday. I love stealing the little boy from his grandma and grandpa, and splashing in the big pool until he is worn out.

Of course we’ve done other things too.

Like going to Reds games and camping. My proudest of these moments lately was ordering a batter’s helmet full of nachos with cheese, jalapeno, and salsa at a recent Reds outing. I would love to have children of my own some day. For now, my nephew is the center of all my love and attention, and I could can’t imagine a scenario where I would be absent from his life. I am, after all, his ‘bubba,’ a bubba who will gladly consume a helmet full of nachos to make his nephew proud (and happy since nephew wanted to wear the helmet afterwards).

And did I mention that I am running? I did? Because I am. Disappointed with my last marathon, but injury free, I decided to give a fall marathon a shot — a nice, relatively flat fall marathon. So, that means running when it is hotter than blue blazes outside (like in the 90s with 70 percent humidity on Tuesday). Dang, it takes a lot out of a dude, but I do love it and I like the group I’m running with.

If all goes well I may be pacing a guy running a 50 miler in the fall. When I say pace, I mean the last 13 miles of a course in the Smokey Mountains, in Tennessee, in December. Yeah, we runners can be a bit crazy.

What else?

I recently read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I can’t emphasize enough how disturbing I found this book. I kept wanting the protagonist, if he can be called such, to do something when it came to the mystery of his missing wife. The man ended up being totally impotent and to relate too much of the plot would ruin it for anyone who might read the book. And yes, I was totally engrossed in the book, another time killer and a I’ll-write-a-post-later excuse. That said, I’d recommend it, or would like to hear the thoughts of someone else who read it.

I’ve begun Flowertown by S.G. Redling. Somewhat conspiracy and post-apocalyptic, it has potential. If you’d like to know more about my current reads, or my likes feel free to look me up on Goodreads here.

And yes, for those who came to this blog when I started the photo a day project I ultimately failed at, I still take pictures — many with my iPhone and not everyday.

Here is a catch-up gallery of sorts, until I can get organized and going again. And I plan too, at a more manageable pace with posts on running updates on Monday, what I’m reading on Wednesday, and photos taken the week earlier on Friday. I’m going to kick this off on Monday, I promise. If anything happens in between I reserve the right to post outside of that schedule as well.

Walking to the car on a Sunday night.

Newport on the Levee, Monday

Newport on the Levee, Monday.

City skyline, Wednesday.

Sawyer Point, Saturday

Run at Sawyer Point, Saturday.


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