Project 365: Fighting fires

So, as some of you may or may not know, I work for a daily newspaper’s website. My job usually consists of positioning stories in various places on the website, building things (like galleries and the occasional quiz), and handling some light editing duties from time to time.

I wasn’t always that guy. For years I edited a weekly newspaper (and yes it could be quaint and myopic in coverage and at times poorly edited, but I was still very proud of the work we did). Before that I was a reporter for the same weekly.

I rarely get to run out and cover a story, or do it all anymore. With the web job I’m usually chained to a desk, working through lists of suggestions and things to do, and keeping the site fresh.

So, it was sort of exciting yesterday as I was heading to go for a walk downtown on a break that the copy desk saw a plumb of smoke hanging in the air near a downtown building. I know, it sounds morbid, excited about a possible building fire, but it does get your blood pumping none-the-less.

Anyway,  I ran down to the scene where I spoke to a firefighter, snatched some pictures, and ran back to the office to post a news update for online.

Turned out the hubbub was over grease catching fire in some ductwork in a local restaurant. No real damage and things were back to normal pretty quickly.

Still, a different way to get a photo of the day. And fun to remember what it’s like to chase down a possible story.



3 thoughts on “Project 365: Fighting fires

  1. I like quaint and working for a weekly–and admittedly am my own editor–but I have never covered a murder, or anything horrific, so that is why I am happy at my little weekly. I am so glad you did not put the weekly down–that makes me happy to be following your blog.

    • Cool, I checked out your blog and saw you worked for a weekly as well. They are great. The one I edited covered the town I grew up in. I loved it. We served a real purpose in the neighborhood and celebrated all the good stuff everyone did, as well as cover local government, which the big dailies no longer can (or at least not as well as they once did). How long have you been a journalist? Where can I read some of your stuff?

      • I have been a journalist for about 31 years — not just at my weekly but I have written research reports and for magazines. Every Monday or Tuesday the posting on my blog is the column that I write for the newspaper called oddly enough – On The Homefront and Beyond, Because I am now freelance, my columns are my own so I can post them.
        You are right about a weekly having a purpose — we do celebrate the little local stuff, as well as some of the “bigger” news, I cover municipal politics for the Kingsville Reporter as well as write my column.
        So, how long have you been a journalist and do you like writing for an online publication?

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